Premraj was discovering carving from the age of five. The faces and small figures which he made from soap and avocado seeds indicated elemental desires waiting to become manifest through him in later life.

In 2002 after spending a year in silence, walking around the sacred mountain of Arunachala in Southern India, his childhood creativity was re-kindled and he rediscovered skills lost since his teens. He spent six months of each of the next years with the Japanese painting master Meera ( studying the use of acrylics and the dynamics of painting.

The other half of the year he worked as the assistant of Erika Mayer ( in her glass studio in Byron Bay, Australia. This is where he learned the art of the complexity of glass casting.

At this moment he is working at his studio in Bali being ever inspired by the beauty of the East. He has learnt his own ways with the process of casting, and is excited by his new discoveries to work with glass.

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